Young Chemists Activities at SCF18

The Organizing Committee designed activities especially relevant to early-career chemists, 

thanks to the partnership with the French Young Chemists Network (RJ-SCF).


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Apply for a Grant

Science Outreach Week-end

The conference will host a week-end of activities for the general public. Be a volunteer and get a free registration at the conference! (number of spot is limited). Check the call for volunteers.

Grants from SCF

SCF provides grants for students and young researchers. Check SCF website for more info.


Job Hunting

Round-table with Industry

On Monday afternoon, UIC (Union des Industries Chimiques) will present the current situation of the Chemical Industries.

How to identify your competences

Presentation from the Adhoc Management Group, on Monday afternoon.

CV Clinic

Everyday at lunch time.


Poster prizes and Awards

EYCN Poster Prize

EYCN will be granting one or two poster prizes to young researchers. More info coming soon.


Networking Oportunities

Representative and active members from the following networks will be present to share their experience and help young chemists connect, without borders.

European Young Chemists Network

Check their website and meet them onsite to talk about any career in Europe.

International Younger Chemists Network

Check their website and discuss about opportunities around the world.