Gérard Jaouen

École nationale supérieure de chimie de Paris

Gérard Jaouen graduated from the University of Rennes (France) in 1973. He spent the year 1973-1974 at Cambridge working with Professor the Lord (Jack) Lewis. Dr. Jaouen was appointed Director of Research in 1976 and became Professor at the University of Paris (ENSCP) in 1982, where in 1984 he founded a CNRS Associated Laboratory. In 1979 Dr. Jaouen decided to focus on bioorganometallic chemistry. This initially embryonic field has since flourished and has entered into the undergraduate curriculum through its incorporation into recent textbooks.

Professor Jaouen is the editor of 3 books, the author of 440 papers including 19 chapters and reviews, and has been granted 16 patents. His achievements in bioorganometallic chemistry have been recognized by several international awards including the von Humboldt Gay-Lussac Prize (Berlin, Munich), the RSC Centenary Medal, the AIC Pioneer Award (Boston), the Bioorganometallic Award (Zurich), and several named lectures (Dublin, Montreal). He is a knight of the Légion d’Honneur (2006), is an elected fellow of the European Academy of Sciences and a member of the Academia Europaea (2012). He created the start-up company Feroscan at PSL in 2014.