To be as close as possible to the expectations of chemists, these committees are composed mainly of SCF representatives of the scientific divisions, the Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées local sections, the Young Chemists Network and the national board.

Organization committee

Ally Aukauloo, Joel Barrault, Sophie Carenco, Philippe Colomban, Carole Duboc, Yves Génisson, Daniel Grande, Marie Guitou, Halima Hadi, Stéphanie Halbert, Christelle Hureau, Christophe Innocent, Jacques Kervennal, Cyrille Kouklovsky, David Kreher, Christel Laberty, Franck Launay, Axel Löfberg, Nicolas Louvain, Patrice Malfreyt, Emmanuelle Marie, Patrice Meheux, Victor Mougel, Jean-Marie Nedelec, Camille Oger, Hélène Olivier-Bourbigou, Rinaldo Poli, Stanislas Pommeret, Jérôme Randon, David Roig, Marc Taillefer, Lydie Valade, Marie-Claude Vitorge and Amélie Wannebroucq.


Scientific committee

Coordinators are underlined

– Catalysis: Virginie Bellière-Baca, Pascal Fongarland, Pascal Granger, François Jérôme, Franck Launay, Axel Löfberg, Françoise Mauge, Hélène Olivier-Bourbigou, Armelle Ouali, Catherine Pinel, Anne-Cécile Roger and Nathalie Tanchoux 

– Coordination chemistry: Ally Aukauloo, Yves Canac, Lorraine Christ, Yves Le Mest, Rinaldo Poli and Anna Proust

– Polymers and materials chemistry: Michel Bouquey, Daniel Grande, David Kreher, Vincent Ladmiral, Emmanuelle Marie, Laurence Moine, Frédéric Peruch, Jean-Marc Pujol and Nicolas Tsapis

– Solid state chemistryPhilippe Colomban, Sylvie Daviero, Danielle Laurencin and Jean-Marie Nedelec

– Industrial chemistry: Joel Barrault, Pascal Isnard, Guillaume Journot, Jacques Kervennal, Pierre le-Cloirec, Philippe Mackiewicz, Patrice Meheux, Bernard Neff, Philippe Pichat and Marie-Danielle Vazquez-Duchene

– Organic chemistry: Elsa Anselmi, Stellios Arseniyadis, François Colobert, Thierry Constantieux, Pierre-Yves Coqueron, Philippe Dauban, Muriel Durandetti,Yves Génisson, Isabelle Gillaizeau, David Gueyard, Samir Jegham, Cyrille Kouklovsky, Emmanuel Magnier, Romain Sallio, Matthieu Sollogoub and Jean Suffert

– Physical chemistry: Rémi Barillon, Fethi Bedioui, Jacqueline Belloni, Anne Boutin, Stéphane Coussan, Carole Duboc, Aziz Ghoufi, Bruno Guigliarelli, Michael Holzinger, Christophe Innocent, Nicole Jaffrezic, Sophie Le Caër, Elisabeth Lojou, Patrice Malfreyt, Valerie Marchi, Mohamed Sarakha, Sophie Sobanska and Anne Varenne

– Energy: Marc Fontecave, Christel Laberty-Robert, Stanislas Pommeret, Marie-Christine Record and Clément Sanchez

– Chemistry and life: Ally Aukauloo, Sophie Carenco, Christophe Innocent, Guillaume Journot, Franck Launay, Jean-Marie Nedelec, Clément Sanchez, Matthieu Sollogoub

– SCF Young Chemists Network: Sophie Carenco, Stéphanie Halbert and Victor Mougel